Lightning AI helps marketers make faster, better decisions

Audience expansion

In today’s market it’s mathematically impossible to expect a human marketer or agency to analyze the quadrillions of different audience groups across Facebook and Google.

Turn on auto-expansion for campaigns and use sales data alongside machine learning to automatically create and target new test audiences.

Ad optimization

Instead of waiting on Power Editor to load creative on Facebook or wrestling with AdWords, the Lightning AI creative uploader lets you seamlessly upload, bulk edit, and test creative across Google and Facebook in minutes rather than hours.

Integrations & reporting

Leverage Lightning AI’s advertising platform and services to the fullest extent by integrating financial data sources such as Segment, Periscope, Salesforce, and more. 

Bidding optimization

Bidding is optimized by automatically testing new target groups and using performance-driven metrics to create new, more cost-effective campaigns.

Hire our expert team

Our team of technical growth marketers works with clients of all shapes and sizes to get the most value out of their online advertising campaigns and the Lighting AI platform.

We work with B2B, B2C, and marketing agencies across desktop and mobile to drive results from paid advertising campaigns. Each client has a custom strategy, unique resources, and a dedicated account manager and engineer to work with.

Ready to use AI to level up your growth marketing?