Case study: Peloton and Lightning AI

We used Facebook targeting to test 1,000 new user groups for Peloton.

Lightning AI used Facebook targeting to help Peloton test 1,000 new user groups and create an entirely new marketing strategy.

The Customer

Peloton is changing the way people get fit by delivering live-streaming, instructor-led, group fitness classes to homes around the world though their award winning, technologically advanced indoor fitness equipment and mobile apps. Peloton subscribers compete and share progress in classes taught by elite instructors and broadcast twelve times daily from Peloton’s NYC studio.

The newest unicorn in the fitness craze is all about growth all the time.

Lightning AI managed bidding - and we knew we could do more.

Lightning AI created 1,000+ new targeting groups.

The Challenge

Gina Han is one of our favorite people in all of growth marketing. She single-handedly manages performance marketing for bike sales at Peloton. She sits at the intersection of marketing, business intelligence and product – and she is amazing. And importantly for us, she was willing to be an early adopter and test our newest feature: audience expansion.
This is not Gina’s first rodeo. She’s been in the advertising space for 8 years and had thousands of prospecting campaigns already running in Facebook. But Gina has ever-shifting growth targets, and she wants to grow Peloton as quickly and as sustainably as possible.

The Solution

We pitched Gina on the idea of using Facebook targeting and testing audience expansion. The goal was to help her find new groups of purchasers. Our algorithms identified user groups with a high likelihood of purchasing a Peloton bike. Gina can turn audience expansion on or off depending on performance and her growth targets, so she always has full control and oversight. But we take care of the day to day management and creative creation for her.
After testing more than 1,000 new user groups, we had an entirely new targeting strategy. One that didn’t rely on lookalike audiences or black-box targeting groups. Gina can examine these groups and think about what this means for the overall strategy for marketing.

Within 1 month, Lightning AI managed 20% of ad spend on Facebook prospecting campaigns for new bike sales and drove 26% of total purchases from prospecting.

When your schedule is jam-packed and you have ever-changing growth goals in your company, it’s time to turn to technology. Let Lightning AI be your marketing future.

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We helped Amwell create a new Facebook strategy through advanced targeting groups.

We helped Amwell create a new Facebook strategy through advanced targeting groups


Lightning AI helped us understand and grow our acquisition channels by running hundreds of targeting tests to help us find our perfect audience

Tim Ming

Senior Digital Marketing Director, Amwell