Case study: Drift and Lightning AI

We helped Drift create a B2B Facebook advertising campaign.

We helped Drift create a B2B Facebook advertising campaign and find out that Facebook ads aren’t just for B2C eCommerce companies.

The Customer

Drift is the new way businesses & customers communicate. Helping to reinvent modern marketing and sales software using messaging.

Drift wanted to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Drift had a lower payback period on Facebook ads than branded Google search.

Yes, Facebook ads do work for B2B SaaS.

The Challenge

Dave Gerhardt is one of our favorite demand generation leaders. He is amazing at SEO and possesses seemingly boundless energy when it comes to creating new content. But he is self-proclaimed as “not a numbers person.” And we are exactly the opposite.
With Dave running demand generation at Drift, we needed to prove that B2B Facebook advertising could be cost effective, even against his organic (read: free) demand generation engine.

The Solution

We took a bet that B2B Facebook advertising was going to work for Drift. And that bet paid off. Drift measured return on investment by payback period. This is the amount of time it takes to recoup ad spend from purchases. And Facebook ads had a lower payback period than branded Google search.
Let’s think about that again – this means new people seeing ads for Drift were more likely to purchase than people literally searching for Drift.
Why is this important?

There are only so many people per day who are going to search for your company name. But everyone is on Facebook (ok, almost everyone). The scale on social channels is nearly limitless, versus Google, which is constantly limited.

Why did this work for Drift?

There are four key features that made Drift stand out and perform so well on Facebook ads.

  1. Strong product market fit. Drift knows their users, their product messaging and how to put those two things together.
  2. Self-serve platform. Users can sign up to Drift without talking to anyone. Leadbot automatically qualifies those users. This means that Lightning AI received real-time data to determine the quality of the users coming from our ads, allowing the platform to optimize rapidly.
  3. Strong branding and voice. Every time Dave at Drift sends a marketing email, his personality shines through. He knows who he is – and he knows who the company is.
  4. Dave put pictures of his team on the internet. The most successful ads for Drift on Facebook were not overly designed, beautiful animated images. They were the ones Dave took of his team with his cell phone. Huge thanks to Kevin on the sales team for modeling.

The lesson

Facebook ads aren’t just for B2C eCommerce companies.

Your users are people. You can leverage Facebook to get in front of those people, whether you’re selling to sales, marketing, product – or devops engineers. And with Lightning AI, you’ll learn more about those users than ever before.

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Tim Ming

Senior Digital Marketing Director, Amwell