How to Target the Right Facebook Audiences

February 26, 2018 • 1 min read

Colette Nataf

Founder & CEO


Even if you know exactly who your audience is, there are still up to 72 quadrillion possible varieties of combinations. No, you did not misread that, 72 QUADRILLION. This can make the challenge of finding the right Facebook audiences a bit daunting.

The big question is “How do we find the combination that fits us?”. Our advice is to test everything. Constantly try new approaches to outreach to new types of groups. No specific group of ads will reach all potential clients. The best method of testing is throwing every possibility at the wall and seeing what sticks, because there is no correct way to test. Then take everything that sticks and expand off of that.

Let’s say you have the email addresses of over 1,000 people that are interested in your product. You have the ability to upload them to Facebook Audience Insights and find out the top interests groups, industries and other relevant data. Healthy Facebook ad accounts end up having tens of thousands of ad groups with different targeting options.

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