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Our vision

Lightning AI was founded on the idea that the world of online advertising, with its billions of data points, has become too complex for human marketers to tackle on their own.

We believe that instead of crunching numbers and managing campaign data, growth marketing should be about connecting with and understanding your audiences in a highly targeted and personalized way.

When marketers spend less time trying to identify audiences and measure funnel metrics, doing a job technology can do automatically, it does more than reduce the cost of customer acquisition. It creates opportunity for marketing teams to focus on creative, engaging, and human marketing campaigns.

Our mission is to make advertising fun again. We're doing that using math, data science, and AI to do the heavy lifting people shouldn't have to do themselves.

– Colette Nataf, Founder & CEO

Executive team

Colette Nataf

Founder & CEO

James Bartlett

Founder & Operations

Brittany Fuller

Chief Strategy Officer

Dasha Zmachynskaya

Head of Data Science

Jon Frisby

Head of Engineering

Allison Grayce

Head of Design

Cody Christie

Director of Accounts

We helped Peloton test 1,000 new user groups and create an entirely new marketing strategy.

We helped Peloton test 1,000 new user groups and create an entirely new marketing strategy


Lightning AI helped us understand and grow our acquisition channels by running hundreds of targeting tests to help us find our perfect audience

Tim Ming

Senior Digital Marketing Director, Amwell

Our clients trust us to manage over $4 million of their ad spend per month

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