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Lightning AI helps you expand your target market and advertise to them on Facebook & Google.
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Our clients trust us to manage over $4 million of their ad spend per month

We helped Peloton test 1,000 new user groups and create an entirely new marketing strategy.

We helped Peleton test 1,000 new user groups and create an entirely new marketing strategy.

Our tech helps marketers make faster, better decisions

Audience expansion

It’s impossible to analyze the billions of different audience groups across Facebook and Google. Lightning AI uses historical campaign and conversion data to expand audiences.

Bid optimization

Invest your ad budget effectively with automated audience testing and budget allocation. Lightning AI automatically adjusts bids based on holistic funnel metrics.

Ad optimization

Managing ad sets and scouring through spreadsheets is tedious, boring work. Upload creative to Lightning AI and get all the insights you need to make strategic marketing decisions.

Metrics & reporting

Track funnel events and campagin conversions in Lightning AI. Understand how different target groups interact with campaigns, funnel events, and develop insights to expand creative assets.

We decreased our CPC by 68% with Lightning AI. That combined with the increased trial signups attributed to advertising grow our brand and our business in a way we feel confident about.

Kathleen Estreich

Director of Marketing, Scalyr

Lightning AI helped us understand and grow our acquisition channels by running hundreds of targeting tests to help us find our perfect audience

Tim Ming

Senior Digital Marketing Director, American Wellness

We helped Drift find out that Facebook ads aren’t just for B2C eCommerce companies.

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