These customers are seeing real results with Lightning AI.

Peloton tested 1,000 new user groups.

Lightning AI managed 20% of ad spend on Facebook prospecting campaigns for new bike sales and drove 26% of total purchases from prospecting.

Kathleen Estreich, Director of Marketing at Scalyr

"Lightning AI helped us understand and grow our acquisition channels by running hundreds of targeting tests to help us find our perfect audience."

Tim Ming, Director of Digital Marketing

Scalyr cut their CPC by more than half

Lightning AI automatically retargeted and tested Scalyr's campaigns. They maintained their spend budget and lowered their CPC.
Kathleen Estreich, Director of Marketing at Scalyr

"We decreased our CPC by 68% with Lightning AI. That combined with the increased trial signups attributed to advertising grow our brand and our business in a way we feel confident about."

Kathleen Estreich, VP of Operations

LaunchDarkly 10x-ed conversions

In the first 5 days, Lightning AI more than doubled the number of keywords for paid search and 10x-ed the number of conversions.

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