Case Study

Launch darkly 10x-ed conversions over a marketing agency #poweredbyLAI

The Customer

LaunchDarkly is a Feature Management Platform that serves over 10 billion feature flags daily to help software teams build better software, faster. Feature flagging is an industry best practice of wrapping a new or risky section of code or infrastructure change with a flag. Each flag can easily be turned off independent of code deployment (aka ”dark launching”).

The Challenge

The sales team needed more leads. They were questioning whether marketing was enough for them, and if the sales team would need to start cold outbound emails or buying email lists in order to hit their aggressive goals .

LaunchDarkly was working with a marketing agency. This meant a human was optimizing their marketing campaigns on both Google and social channels. And this human was not keeping up with the needs of the company. Edith wasn’t sure if ads were even going to bring in revenue for them - they’re creating an entirely new industry. What if no one searched for the terms?

The Solution

It was time to scale - and fast.

Lightning AI took over the management of Google AdWords campaigns in the second week of July, 2017. In the first 5 days, our AI platform more than doubled the number of keywords for paid search and 10x-ed the number of conversions (and this was non-brand search, not people just Googling “Launch Darkly”).

And in the last week, the platform doubled the number of conversions again.

This is more than just bringing down the cost per lead - this is about company growth.

Lightning AI Case Study – LaunchDarkly

Lightning AI 10x-ed the number of conversions and now drives 50% of LaunchDarkly's signups.

When your schedule is jam-packed and you have ever-changing growth goals in your company, it’s time to turn to technology. Let Lightning AI be your marketing future.

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