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How Curology Finds Incremental Volume on Facebook #poweredbyLAI

The Customer

Curology makes custom skincare solutions for each person’s unique needs. Skip the long lines at the dermatologists’ office — Curology members just answer some questions, upload photos, and get a custom prescription-strength formula chosen by their very own dermatology provider. It’s simple. For everything from full-on breakouts to occasional spots.

How we helped

When you’re looking to revolutionize an industry, you need to grow your business - fast. Curology has very aggressive growth goals. They run a combination of different campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, but as a growing business they are always looking for more.

Lightning AI’s algorithms identified entire new groups of users to target on Facebook and Instagram. This means Curology can use machine learning systems to provide incremental growth to their business. We tested more than 350 interest groups in four weeks to try to find the perfect new customers for Curology.

“Lightning AI tested groups we never would have thought of. We were able to take these learnings and bring these audiences to other channels, creating a cross-channel marketing strategy.”

grace profile Grace Lawrence, Senior User Acquisition Manager curology
Lightning AI Case Study – curology Facebook Ads
Lightning AI Case Study – curology Facebook Ads
Lightning AI Case Study – curology Facebook Ads
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Within one month, Curology increased the total number of purchases from Facebook by more than 10%.

This is a huge incremental gain - and a lot of people with clearer skin!

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