Case Study

Amwell grow their advertising channels with advanced targeting groups. #poweredbyLAI

The Customer

American Wellness is changing the way that doctors, therapists, and medical specialists provide care by connecting them with patients around the world using on-demand video consultation. With 24/7 access to medical practitioners, patients can get the care that they need without scheduling in-person appointments.

The problem

Amwell created multiple ad campaigns to reach consumers, but they weren’t getting the results that they were looking for. Most of the healthcare companies they partner with had never used digital advertising for mobile apps, so they didn’t have historical data.

How we helped

Lighting AI ran hundreds of tests to find the right bid amounts on Facebook and Google. Then the platform created targeted campaigns for their clients, selecting interest groups, audiences, and keywords that would increase their visibility and drive traffic to the telehealth app.

Amwell was able to deliver immediate results for their partners and fast- track relationships with new accounts. By using artificial intelligence to optimize their ad campaign, they were able to reduce the number of manual tasks that their employees have to perform. They can spend less time online and more time on client work.

Lightning AI Case Study – Drift Facebook Ads
Lightning AI Case Study – Drift Facebook Ads
Lightning AI Case Study – Drift Facebook Ads

Within the first month, audience expansion tested more than 2000 new groups.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way that we find, target, and sell to consumers. Let Lightning AI optimize your advertising campaigns for you so your marketing team can spend more time on the big picture.

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